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Revelation Church Series: Part 3: The church in Peragamum

Sorry that this is late. Some internet problems last night prevented me from posting it then.

The Revelation Churches Series.
Part 1: The church in Ephesus (
Part 2: The church in Smyrna (

Today: Part 3: The church in Peragamum
So today, we are on the church in Peragamum. This letter is acutally a very short one, spanning verse 12 to verse 17. It commends the people for living how they did, "Where Satan has his throne". Now what this actually means can be debated much. For the purposes of this devotion, I will take the one most applicable to us in the present. It was a very immoral city. Now this applies to everyone reading this, because currently, everywhere on this earth is immoral. There are rising crime rates, the internet has a booming trade in immoral acts of all kinds, we subvert nature, forcing it to our will instead of bringing it to the fruition of God's will. Yet dispite this, we are called to remain true to his name. Now of course the question becomes, how far are we to go to be true to God's name? I think the letter makes that quite clear as well. It talks of Antipas, who was put to death. We are called to be willing to go as far as martyrdom, but at the same time, we are not called to violent nor even offensive acts. We are called, obviously, to act, yet those actions must be within the frame given to us by the rest of the Bible.

Which brings us to the seccond part. God calls them down for actions they have taken. For listening to others, instead of to God. This also is a quite obvious application in our lives. We reap what we sow, what we put into ourselves, determines our final outcome. We are called to listen to God and no other. We are called to test everything we hear against what the Bible says. Everything from a pastor, a friend, a parent. Indeed, I even expect that if you find something contradictory to the Bible, then I expect you to point it out to me, and either we can find a way to fit the two togeather in a way that makes sense and glorifies God, or I will admit I made a mistake. This is because there will always be people who claim to speak the worlds of God, but in truth, work only for themselves. This includes even things like commercials, saying that to be perfect you only need this item, or this insurance can be your salvation, or anything. Everything we see in this world must be viewed with a critical eye.

Finally, I would like to appologise. I realize that these tend to be fairly shallow devotions, however, being a prospective pastor/missionary, I fall into what my friend and I call being a "Rambling Religion Major" meaning I have to keep in concise, or I could go on for hours and hours about it. Which I don't have time with my busy schedule to do, and I'm sure you don't have time to read. However, I do enjoy going into that depth, and anyone else who wants to discuss, we can maybe start a group online Bible study or something. For this I was thinking set a time, and make a group conversation on MSN including everyone who wants to be a part of it. So if this sounds like your cup of tea, email me, or add me on MSN ( for both) and tell me, and I'll try to arrange a time that works for everyone.
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