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And so, I plan to begin a form of devotions, as I said in my last post. However, while most of them will be biblically based, this one is an experiential one. My experience in fact. See, last October, I was in Grade 12, completely sure that God had me destined for the sciences. However, he began to shut doors in my face. Some of them quite painfully. It took me quite a while to notice what was happening, and finally turn my eyes to God's leading. Over the next month, he showed me that he wanted me to be working in ministry, specifically, Youth ministry. However, even after I made that decision, for that with my life, I sitll was unsure about it. It is really miraculous how God works in us, and shows us the value of our decisions. Two major decisions came within the space of a year, and both of them, God reassured me all throughout it.

The first was, as I said above, practically a complete 180 in my life decision. At the beginning, I had some huge doubts about it. Mainly because I had chosen courses for grade 12 with the Science future assumption in mind. Many of my courses were year long ones, instead of the standard semester, and were all three advance placement sciences. And so, I had quite a few doubts. But God was faithful in reassuring me in opening all the doors I needed. My church was very supportive, especially our new Youth Pastor, there was CCUT (Christian Colleges and Univesity Tour), as well as just tonnes of information that he helped me find through many other resources. Through that, he reaffirmed my decision that I was doing his will.

However, that led to the seccond problem. There were no universities that I felt called to, nor wanted to attend, in Toronto. So I broadened my search to all of Canada. I found about five to ten that I wanted to attend, however I only felt God leading me to two of them. Redeemer, in Ancaster (Near Hamilton, about 40 mins south of Toronto) and Briercrest, out in the praries. So, trusting God again, I applied to only those two, dispite my friends and reason telling me that it was foolish, and that I should apply to all of them. And so, May 15th, the acceptance letter from Briercrest came in. I was happy, I had been accepted, but I was also, at the same time hoping that my Redeemer letter was somewhere as well, as Redeemer was the one I wanted to go to more. The next day passed without me getting it, and I was about to send my acceptance to Briercrest, when my parents told me to wait a week. After all, the deadline was in a month, a week wouldn't hurt anything. So I spent the next day in prayer to God, asking him what he wanted me to do, as I knew in the end, his plan would be better for me than what I selfishly wanted. The next day, the Redeemer acceptance came. However, dispite how excited I was, I waited the rest of the week. Praying, I finally decided that Redeemer was the place for many reasons.

And God has reenforced that decsision many ways. I have met a girl here. A very nice one, albeit quite short (I'm especially tall, so she looks especially short beside me). I've also made a ton of great friends, and it's a liberal arts university, meaning as opposed to dumping a million theology courses on me, as will happen in a few years at seminary, the basis is broader. For example, this year, I am taking Two history courses, Two theology courses, Psychology, Philosophy, English, Theatre, Political Science, and two half courses, Introduction to Worldview, and Phys. Ed. All of them are taught from a christian perspective, and all of them I have learned interesting things that will be usefull to my future in many ways.

So remember, whenever you make a choice, God will reinforce that it was the right one. And always remember one simple fact. There is always a way to know what decision is permissible in God's plan, and it is a simple test. If God allows it to happen, then it is part of his eternal plan. He will never let you stray from the path once you have started in it, and he will never drop you once you have put yourself into his hands.
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